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About Us


Welcome to our natural zeolite powder blog. My name is James Cruise and I also have a team of blogging assistants that help us create this helpful blog about natural zeolite pure powder (clinoptile) and how you can use it to help you detox from heavy metals, radiation, viruses as well as stave off cancer. 


Our goal to bring you the best information on what is zeolite and how to use this natural mineral to your advantage.  We’ve been using Zeolite Powder for 7 years now, and have found that it has kept everyone safe from all types of environmental toxins and microbes that are a reality in our world. 


Discover the many zeolite benefits and uses of this miracle that can help you be healthier and happier, and be able to help your loved ones who don’t know about this natural alkaline mineral. If you find value in helping others heal their lives you can even become an affiliate of the main supplier and help others and help yourself too. Just fill out the form here: zeolite supplier.