Zeolite Detox

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Zeolite Detox

Zeolite Detox is one of the most powerful because it can rid your body of stuff all others miss. This natural detox is made with Zeolite Pure, which detoxes your body from heavy metals (radioactive particles, fluoride, mercury, aluminum, lead). Nothing is as safe and effective as a Zeolites Detox for cleansing out all the harmful toxins in your whole body.


These metals accumulate in your organs and fat cells and when you sweat it brings them up to the surface. You’ll notice this because it causes a severe headache many times. It has a unique honeycomb structure that traps metals like a magnet and flushes them out of your body. You can clear out years of stored toxins and you will fell absolutely amazing!


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Microbial Cleanse

Microbial Cleanse. Micronized zeolite crystals trap viruses and pathogens that are hiding in your body and causing chronic inflammation, which is the root cause of most all diseases and eventually leads to cancer. It strips off the invaders protective coating (cell membrane) making them visible to your immune cells (Killer NK T & B cells) so they  can see them and eliminate them quickly and safely. It allows your own body to do it’s job naturally by eliminating the mask the cellular invaders are using to hide in your body, unchecked.


The zeolite in it actually smothers cancerous cells (see: Herbs for Cancer) out of your body by making your body too alkaline for tumors (malignant or benign) to branch out. It quickly brings your body’s natural defense system back into a healthy and active state, one of proper balance. There is nothing like using Royal Detox for detoxing your body safely and quickly.


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Natural Detox

Here is how a Zeolite Natural Detox restores your health and energy fast:

  • Safely Removes Toxins that are poisoning your body, brain and nervous system
  • Gets Rid of invading Viruses and Pathogens
  • Shrinks Cancerous Tumors safely
  • Neutralize Nuclear Radiation Particles Out of Your Body
  • Releases Heavy Metals (mercury, fluoride, aluminum, cadmium, lead)
  • Restores Lost Energy (You feel alert and alive again!)

This powerful detox causes your organs to release years of stored sludge and toxins that have been hiding out waiting until your body becomes weakened. Then they take charge, making you sick, turning off your natural immunity (see: How to Boost Your Immune System) stealing your energy and your health, and even allowing cancers to take hold and start growing rapidly.


We all need to detox at least twice a year, maybe even more with all the toxins in our diets, radiation being spilled into our oceans and drinking water supplies. Royal Detox takes care of all these health robbing invaders and restores your healthy, vibrance and natural healthy skin complexity and shine. You will feel expanded energy levels after a couple of doses. It works really well when you can take it before a brisk walk, run, workout or even dancing.


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Heavy Metal Detox

Zeolite Detox is the top Heavy Metal Detox on the planet! Nothing works as good and as safely as a zeolites detox in removing heavy metals from your body while not having side effects from detoxing. It removes the most toxic heavy metals from your body by trapping them so they can’t come back up when you are flushing them from your body. They are then released by normal body eliminations.


One of the best uses besides a total body detox is before and after you go to a dental office where they use mercury, aluminum, x-rays and sodium fluoride. These all act like heavy metals in your body and can end up in your brain, organs, joints and heart. 


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Radiation Detox

Zeolite Detox is also the number one Radiation Detox! It is being used to clean up some of the nuclear reactors that are still spilling toxic radiation into the local environment and seawater in Fukushima Japan. They have a big problem there, actually the whole planet has a big problem because of this disaster. It is what they are using so their workers don’t get lethally ill. So I use it so I don’t get sick from the radiation spreading into the pacific ocean and contaminating our seafood, crops and drinking water supplies.


I highly recommend anyone that is or has gotten any x-rays or medical radiation treatments to take zeolite powder before and after their treatments or x-rays. It will prevent a lot of damage and radiation sickness side effects and protect your immune system, DNA and prevent cancer that is caused by radiation treatments!


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Drink plenty of purified water while taking natural zeolites to help it flush out the heavy metals, radiation and toxins from your body. Preferably using at least reverse osmosis system or a filter that removes radiation, toxins and pathogens.  The best is are Pure Effect Filters.  Take a warm or hot shower or bath with Epsom salts to supercharge and help draw out the toxins being released by your Royal Detox supplement.  You can also use a steam room or infrared sauna to help your body sweat out the toxins for good!


How Zeolites Work

Watch this brief demonstration on how zeolite detox traps radiation, heavy metals and toxins and safely removes them from your body:


Royal Detox

Royal Detox is a whole body detox formula based on natural zeolite powder, which is a powerhouse of a detox supplement, as it gets rid of most all toxins and pathogens by itself! This Full Body Detox supplement also contains Apple Pectin, Cilantro, Chlorella and Spirulina that binds to the toxins being released and escorts them out of your body safely and quickly. Do drink water because it will be releasing some serious toxins that you want get out of your body.


You won’t believe how good you feel after a few capsules. The fog in your head begins to clear up, as do many unseen things that have lived free in your body, until now! You’ll look and feel like you know you could and should. It is safe for your whole family (including pets) as it’s a completely natural supplement that has no side effects. It just plain works.


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Zeolite For Detox

Zeolite Pure is probably the most important natural supplement to have in your medicine chest. Take zeolite for detox before you go on vacation, or go to a crowded place where people are spreading all kinds of nasty bugs. Take it before the flu or cold season, or give it to someone who is struggling with cancer (or to prevent it in your own body). Use it after a hardy night on the town.


Click on the Royal Detox Bottle Below for more information, or on the Add to Cart Button Now to start detoxing and feeling better!



Royal Detox Useszeolite detox

  • Detoxes Radiation (Used by the Japan Nuclear Commission)
  • Smothers Viruses (HIV, Ebola, Herpes, H1N1, Cold, Flu, Bird Flu, Swine Flu)
  • Removes heavy metals (mercury, fluoride, lead, etc) & toxins
  • Restores Your lost energy and health
  • Effective against tumors and cancers too (natural cancer remedy)
  • Alkalizes your body (Disease can’t live in alkaline body, then need acidic)

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Zeolite Liquid

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Liquid Zeolite

Liquid Zeolite is an easy to use and take with you formula based upon the best Clinoptilolite Natural Zeolite Powder in the world. It has the smallest molecule size and the highest bio-availability (your body can use it effectively). It has the highest concentration of natural zeolites there is. It has the unique power to get serious toxins (mercury, radiation, lead, aluminum, fluoride) out of your body. That’s why it’s the Best Liquid Zeolite


It can also be used as a natural anti-viral to smother out virus infections and prevention for all major outbreaks (ebola, bird flu, swine flu, influenza, HIV, H1N1, etc.) It’s also a natural anti-cancer fighter. Always have some on hand, as it’s probably the best natural supplement in the world to have in case you come in contact with something that can make you really sick.


Liquid Zeolites are so easy to use, all you do is add a couple of drops directly in your mouth, or in any beverage and let it do it’s work. As a preventative all you need to do is take it before you might come in contact with people that are ill, or after being in toxic environment. As a therapeutic dose, you will want to take it 3-6 times a day to detox or get rid of invading pathogens and smother cancers out of your body.


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Pure Liquid Zeolite

Here is what pure liquid zeolite does for you:

Removes Radiation Poisoning (airport scanners, cellphone, nuclear radiation)

Detoxes Heavy Metals, like Fluoride, Mercury, Lead, Aluminum

Flushes Environmental Toxins (chemicals, pathogens)

Cuts-off Food Supply to Virus and Cancers (stops tumor growth)

Boosts Your Natural Immunity (strips off viruses protection so your immune system sees it)

Balances Your Whole Body (healthy alkalizing effect on your whole body)


This is so important now because all people are being exposed to harmful levels of nuclear radiation exposure because of the radioactive isotopes that are now showing up in your drinking water and local environments. Radiation can ruin you and your family’s health if you don’t get it out of your body. It damages your DNA, causes cancer as well as poisons all your organs. 


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Best Liquid Zeolite

Which is the Best Liquid Zeolite? Zeotrex is the best liquid zeolite because it adds a host of immune boosting natural ingredients to supercharge your zeolite liquid formula. It is an organic zeolite that zaps viruses, cancers, heavy metal and radiation. It is the one natural supplement that you should always have on hand for emergencies.


You can use it before you get really sick, or if you already are fighting off some type of virus or trying to defeat cancer naturally and safely. It doesn’t poison your body the way standard cancer treatments do. I use it before I visit sick people in a hospital, or are around lots of people. Particularly when I go on vacation, I want to enjoy my vacation not get sick with Montezuma’s revenge or be stuck sick on some cruise ship. Zeotrex Liquid zeolite can save your day!


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Zeolite Cancer

Zeolite is so powerful that it smothers out tumors and stops cancer growth. Zeolite Cancer also traps viruses and removes them from the body, including HIV, HPV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and many other viruses. This has been tested with a special combination of Powdered Zeolite and Humic Acid, a formula known as Zeolite-AV. Dr Howard Peiper- Pulitzer prize winning author, fully recommends using powdered zeolites because of their powerful natural antiviral trapping effects. Watch a short video below on how zeolite traps and removes toxins:



Liquid Zeolite is highly effective against a multitude of viruses, such as cold and flu viruses, Herpes, HPV, Hepatitis, HIV and more. Combine Zeolites with a Hulda Clark Type Terminator Zapper (Parasite Zapper) and you’ll have a lethal combo against any virus, infection or cancer attack because they work so well with zeolite. You will not get this information from your family doctor, unless he is knowledgeable about holistic medicine. This is one of the natural substances that the pharmaceutical (drug) companies hope you’ll never find out about!


Liquid Zeolite Reviews

Don’t take our word for it; discover how people who detoxed from severe conditions did it – and quickly:

“I have been using this for about 7 weeks, and I have never felt better in my life. I am 48 and I feel better than I did at 20. Thank you so much for this product.”

Donna Mattingly


I have been taking Zeolite for just under a month now. I’m seeing a big difference in my energy, digestion and general well being. I am a cancer survivor and strive to maintain by immune system through acupuncture, vitamins and herbs. Zeolite was just the thing to add to my regimen. Thanks.

Robin T. Field


This is the first time I have tried Zeolite (I have a myriad of health problems) and from the first day of taking it I feel it is working to pull heavy metals and toxins from my system. During the past two weeks since starting taking it I believe I went through a sort of healing crisis and the pain in my left pelvis which I’d been experiencing for several months intensified after taking Zeolite until finally after only two week some bleeding occurred and a 3cm hard lump was produced, what I suspect was a uterine tumor which I am planning to take to my doctor for analysis.

The pelvic pain of several months has completely subsided and I am in total shock at what has happened. I have kept an excellent diet the last several months trying to get my immune and nervous system out of danger, my doctors have been of no use at all, my craniosacral therapist has helped me hugely, but the key to the burden of toxicity my body has built up is Zeolite. I bought Zeolite to help with my mercury detoxing after my therapist recommended it, but what I have found is a powerful natural wide ranging detox agent. My advice to anyone with chronic health problems: 1)seek a really good therapist, 2)get your diet right, mostly raw, organic, natural supplements, 3)detoxify using green supplements and ZEOLITE 4)exercise.

Maha Aldoujaily


Hear what Actress Kiki Davis says on how it saved her health (she lives near a nuclear power facility that had a recent “accident”):


Where Can I Buy Liquid Zeolite?

Where Can I Buy Liquid Zeolite? Click on the Zeotrex bottle below for more information to buy the best liquid zeolite and protect you and family’s health against the constant contamination of viruses, toxins, heavy metals and radiation that we are forced to encounter on a daily basis.


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Liquid Zeolite Detox Benefits

  • Zeolite Liquid Removes Heavy Metal Contaminants from your body
  • Removes radiation poisoning from your body (cesium, plutonium, uranium)
  • Smothers Viruses Away (Nora Virus, HIV, HPV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and many others)
  • Improves Natural Immunity, removes toxins and revitalizes your whole body
  • Effective against most tumors and cancers
  • Makes Your Body More Alkaline (pathogens can’t live in a balanced PH environment)
  • Most Natural Zeolite Content of Any Liquid Zeolite Available!


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Zeolite Capsules



Zeolite Capsules

Zeolite Capsules are an easy way to detox the toxins and heavy metals that are stored in your body’s cells, particularly the fat cells that are in your brain, organs, tissues and interfere with your immune system. Destroxin® will quickly remove the toxins (microbials, mold, and even viruses) plus heavy metals, including radioactive particles from your body. It does this by using Natural Zeolite Powder.


This unique formula is proven to trap the harmful toxins, heavy metals and radiation and then release them from your body. It naturally boosts your immune system and restores lost energy and vitality. This amazing zeolite mineral has been shown to balance the body’s pH (parts of hydrogen, a measure of the acid/alkaline balance in the body). As we get older our bodies begin to become more acidic, which allows disease to take up a stronghold in our bodies.


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How to Remove Toxins From Body

How to Remove Toxins From Body systems safely? Those people who choose to eat non-organic foods are even more flooded with the toxins, heavy metals and chemicals (pesticides and chemical fertilizers) that make your body highly acidic and a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. A good solution is to choose organic or wild-crafted foods. Drinking ionized water, eating alkaline forming foods (lemon and citrus fruits) and taking alkaline supplements (most ionic minerals, particularly zeolite) will release the acidity and bring our bodies back to a healthy alkaline state.


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How to Remove Radiation from the Body

How to Remove Radiation from the body? Destroxin, with zeolites can remove radiation poisoning (radioactive particles are heavy metals) as well as detox our bodies of disease and cancer causing agents. It does this by including natural powdered zeolite into it’s formula. This is the Zeolite molecule that is proven to be effective in all of the scientific studies, as well as in real life radiation spills like Fukushima and Chernobyl. It is a powerful detox supplement that can help your body recover very quickly from many illnesses.


The natural powdered zeolite in our Destroxin formula is in easy to swallow capsules. You can also use a liquid zeolite to drop into your drinks or under your tongue. If you want the most economical form, you can get the zeolite pure powder instead (bulk pure zeolite powder.) Here’s what a few people who are using Destroxin are saying now:


I have been using your product in capsule form with very promising results. I am being treated for heavy-metal toxicity, and during the last 3 months I stopped other adjunct therapies (like EDTA and DMPS IVs, and Chlorella) in order to give your product a more reliable and valid test. A recent provoked urine test (Doctor’s Data lab test) showed a 50% decrease in Hg.

N. Fedan, Ph.D.


I have been using this for about 7 weeks, and I have never felt better in my life. I am 48 and I feel better than I did at 20. Thank you so much for this product.

Donna Mattingly


My friend Sue called me on Sunday and wanted me to tell you how wonderful she is feeling since taking your product Destroxin. She said that she can smell things and taste things and everything is so wonderful that she just had to let you know how much she appreciates getting her life back.

Janet Perdock



Click on the Destroxin Bottle for more information, or on the Add to Cart Button Now to make sure you have some ready for whatever may come your way!

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Destroxin Benefits

  • Quickly Boosts Immune System
  • Shields you from EMF radiation (cell phone, wireless, smart meters)
  • Shuts-off Viruses (HIV, HPV, H1N1, Ebola, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and many others)
  • Detoxes heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc) & toxins and revitalizes the body
  • Effectively stops cancers food source too
  • Makes your whole body alkaline (pathogens can’t live in a balanced PH environment)

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Natural Remedies for IBS

ibs natural treatment


Natural Remedies for IBS

Natural Remedies for IBS. If you’re suffering with IBS, Crohn’s, Celiacs or chronic intestinal and bowel problems – you need to know about this IBS natural Treatment that stops the endless cycle of eat, run to the bathroom and repeat. Esdifan with pure zeolite powder is one of the very best natural remedies for IBS that you will ever find, and the last one you will need to even try. it actually treats the cause of your intestinal and bowel discomfort, not just the symptoms.


It is highly effective against the pathogens that are actually causing your IBS symptoms. Its unique structure and action were actually discovered by a life – long IBS sufferer. He found that natural zeolites quickly and safely removed toxins from his digestive tract and stopped his chronic diarrhea, nausea and stomach upset, without the side effects of other standard prescription medications, that just made it worse, and had a laundry list of side-effect, some of which were worse than his IBD.


Natural IBS Relief

Esdifan gives you Natural IBS Relief quickly:

  • Brings IBS Relief Quickly (Ends chronic diarrhea in about an hour)
  • Removes the Pathogen That is Causing Your Chronic Inflammation
  • Detoxes Your Intestines, Bowel and Complete Digestive Tract
  • Flushes heavy metals poisoning from your body
  • Removes Radioactive Isotopes from your cells
  • Restores Your Lost Energy and Mojo
  • Makes You Feel Yourself Again (really!)


relief from diarrhea


Diarrhea Relief

Esdifan contains natural zeolite powder which is one of the rare minerals that is negatively charged (disease forming organisms and toxins are positively charged) and works like a magnet – first attracting and then removing toxins from the body. It’s natural honeycomb shape quickly traps the positively charged invaders and then releases them out of your body. It gives you fast and lasting diarrhea relief.


It strengthens your intestinal walls and causes excess fluids to be detoxed and releases what is not needed by your body. It brings natural balance and restores your natural PH balance to your internal organs, specifically your GI tract. It’s important that you keep your body as alkaline as possible and drink green juices and alkaline water, because excess acid causes most diseases and disrupts how your body absorbs its nutrition.


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IBS Natural Treatment

Esdian is an IBS Natural Treatment that brings chronic IBS Relief quickly and safely. It’s rapid healing effect on your gastrointestinal tract (GI Tract) was discovered by accident when a scientist who knew of how powerful natural zeolite powder was against pathogens decided to try it on chronic bowel inflammation, IBS and IBD type conditions. His hunches paid off quickly as it was found to have a profound calming and healing effect on the intestines.


People all over the world are discovering the powerful healing effects of zeolite powder and Esdifan to successfully treat their frequently embarrassing chronic inflammatory bowel conditions. Read the Edifan zeolite reviews and see what people who used to suffer with IBS, IBD and Chronic Inflammatory conditions are saying about Esdifan below.


zeolites review



I have been using your product Esdifan for about 3 months now, as a Crohns sufferer I find this product to be better than any drugs I have been prescribed by my GP.I live in United Kingdom and have been ordering the product from an American distributor.Can you tell me if there is a distributor in the UK at present and if so contact details?,

Thank you,

I want to tell you that I’ve been taking Esdifan for roughly 3 weeks. My IBS-D has changed dramatically. I’m also taking a soluable fiber supplement ( all natural) and the two combined have given me back control of my bowels, with less frequent, sudden urges and firmer stools. I’m sold. I will not allow myself to be without Esdifan from now on. Taking loperamide when I was having bad days led me to itching. I do not know what the repeated loperamide use did to my system, but left me feeling like I had a vaginal yeat infection…. all the time.

But I was desparate to control the loose, sudden, frequent bowel movements so I could LEAVE my house, have a life.So I could shop in stores that don’t offer public restrooms,so I could do social activities and not be embarassed by multiple trips to a bathroom, and worrying I wouldn’t get there in time. With the Esdifan there are no side effects, no itching ! So curing one problem doesn’t lead to another.
THANK you for a GREAT product. As the other testimonials say: You have SAVED my life !!

Marilyn F.

I would just like to comment on what an amazing product Esdifan is. I had a major operation some 5 years ago and had a third of my stomach removed caused by an intestinal stromal tumor. Ever since I have had no end of trouble with diarrhea and had seen many medical doctors and stomach specialists to try and get to the core of this issue, to no avail. It was thought to be a bug caused from the surgery and related to the antibiotic. To cut a long story short, as I had exhausted all medical areas, I felt I had to look at any alternative medicines, and upon spending a day on the internet, I found your website. I have now used this product on several occasions and I even take the bottle with me when I travel on business to countries such as China, Korea, Thailand etc…

On every occasion, Esdifan has been a life saver. Your product works fast and truly has changed my life. I personally have told many people about this and will continue to tell many more.

I am just about to order another bottle and though I must take to the time to actually let you know how I feel about your product.

Thanks so much

M Lightfoot
New Zealand



Discover the solution for your Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Intestinal Diarrhea. You don’t have to endlessly treat the symptoms and feel drained afterwards, still feeling severe intestinal discomfort. Use Esdifan and begin healing and detoxing your body, you’ll finally feel the relief you’ve been looking for all along. Click on the Esdifan bottle below for more information or on the Add to Cart Button Now and nip IBS, IBD, Crohn’s, Chronic Intestinal Diarrhea in the bud Right Now!


Esdifan ibd treatmentEsdifan Benefits

  • Ends Chronic Diarrhea Symptoms Fast (usually within an hour)
  • Gets rid of the Toxins that Cause Celiacs, Crohn’s, IBS and IBD
  • Removes radioactive metals from the body (cesium, plutonium and uranium are heavy metals)
  • Professionally used to remove radiation in nuclear disasters (Japan Nuclear Commission)
  • Cuts-off Viruses (HIV, HPV, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu)
  • Nora Virus (Norovirus) relief
  • Balances your immune system (makes it work better)
  • Natural cancer remedy
  • Alkalizes your whole system (Reduces Acid causing Inflammation)

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Zeolite Cancer

zeolite for cancer


Zeolite Cancer

Zeolite Cancer is a natural remedy for cancer, tumors and viruses. There is a viral cause for cancer that is not diagnosed and that is the reason cancer always comes back with a vengeance. The Zeolite molecule is a major breakthrough in natural cancer treatment. It is an anti microbial mineral that not only smothers out active cancer growth, but gets rid of the pathogenic cause of cancer and alkalizes your body so it doesn’t return.


In fact many drug companies use the active ingredient and change it so they can patent it and then sell it to people at 100 times the cost. And not even a natural zeolite (clinoptilolite) but a laboratory created chemical mineral that doesn’t not work nearly as well as natural zeolite for cancer. Zeolite Cancer formula is a safe, effective and inexpensive natural therapy for cancer.




Zeolite For Cancer

There is no more powerful natural cancer protector and detox supplement on the planet than Zeolite for Cancer. It not only stops the tumors from expanding but protects your body from the toxins and viruses that cause cancer in the first place. The Zeolite AV formula contains 2 powerful all natural ingredients which have been proven to stop tumor growths and help you heal from cancer, remove the toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from your body, act as an antiviral, balance the pH in the body, and rapidly boost the immune system.


You can see the hidden connections between viruses and cancer in this informative video by a Dr. Tent, a leading Holistic Physician and immunological specialist:


Zeolite AV

Here is what using Zeolite-AV can can do to improve and save your health:

  • Stops Malignant Tumor Growth
  • Isolates Cancers and Smothers Them Out
  • Traps and Coats Viruses Then Removes Them From Your Body
  • Prevent and Treat Flu and Cold Virus
  • Treats Ebola Virus, HPV, HIV, Herpes, Measles, Swine, Bird, Norovirus, Rotavirus, Hantavirus and Other Major Viral Outbreaks
  • Removes Heavy Metals Poisoning (mercury, aluminum, cadmium, lead)
  • Restores Lost Energy (Makes You Feel Rejuvenated as They Energy Vampires are Gone!)

This form of zeolite is mined specifically for human consumption and under top quality control. The Zeolite Powder in this formula is the one used in scientific research and medical studies and is showing to be extremely effective against a whole host of pathogens and viruses.


immune system booster


Anti Microbial

Zeolite AV is a potent anti microbial eradicator. It boosts and balances your immune system so it can see any harmful microbes that may be causing illness or auto-immune conditons in your body. These immune issues lead to cancer and infection. The Humic ingredient in Zeolite AV is a proprietary concentrated product not found anywhere else on earth. This specific Humic Acid has been shown in independent studies to coat and isolate the virus before it can attach to a healthy cell and multiply, thereby allowing our immune cells (now optimized from the zeolite) to find and eradicate the virus.


I highly recommend that you use a natural zeolite formula, as some of the chemically altered forms are not safe (the ones they are putting in the harmful vaccines, actually do more harm than good). Immediately using Zeolite AV stops any viral infection or heavy metal deposits that can cause arthritis. It will also remove any heavy metals and radiation poisoning (from wireless devices or nuclear exposure) from their bodies.


Watch this short video that shows how Zeolite Anti-Viral removes viruses like Ebola, H1N1, HIV, Bird Flu, Swine Flu and protects you from them infecting you:



Zeolite Reviews

Check out the natural Zeolite Reviews below and see how it is working for people who were needing a miracle recovery:

I have been having to have HPV lasered off my vocal chords about every 18 months since 1991. I started taking zeolites around the end of March. Three weeks ago, I went in for my 6 month check up after my most recent surgery. My doctor was astounded to find NO HPV visible!!! That is the best report I’ve had in ten years!

I plan to keep taking zeolites and would be grateful for any advice you may have as to amounts to take and for how long, so I may eradicate this virus. Both my doctor and I, are looking forward to my 12 month check up in October. He has about 40 patients like me. If I continue to have good results, he will suggest they call me for information. I am wondering if it is possible to obtain several more of your informative zeolite books? They would be a hot item in our community, I think.

Sincerely, Geraldine “Deanie” Adams


I would like to say how happy i am with the results of Zeolite-AV! I have been useing your excellent product for nearly 6 months. I have even recommended this product to some of my friends here in the UK.



Greetings to you! I have been using your excellent product Zeolite-AV for 3 months. I am very happy with it! Initially i started taking Destroxin, but have found Zeolite-AV a more powerful and effective product. I have noticed some changes – especially with my skin – which looks much better, and with my digestive system which is performing better.

I can see evidence that Zeolite-AV is working inside/out. I will recommend your products to my friends. I would like to use this product for the long-term future – because of the excellent benefits it contains. Would you reccommend this or not?

I was also very impressed with the free Zeolite book. I found this very imformative, and interesting. Its essential reading. I look forward to being a life-time customer. Thank you.

Richard Samuels


Thank you, thank you, thank you…

The order arrived Saturday (just in the nick of time!) It saved my life twice
already and I’m grateful to you for being so prompt.

Liz Hevey



zeolite virus


Zeolite Cancer and Natural Anti Viral

This miracle supplement should be in EVERY household as it works against many deadly diseases! Click on the Zeolite-AV bottle for more information or on the Add to Cart Button Now to restore your health and be protected against whatever is coming your way.


zeolite cancerZeolite-AV Benefits

  • Improves Immune System against HIV, HPV
  • Detoxes radiation particles (used in Chernobyl & Fukushima by Japan Nuclear Commission)
  • Protects you from EMF radiation
  • Smothers Viruses (Ebola, H1N1, Bird Flu, Swine Flu)
  • Removes heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc) & toxins
  • Restores lost energy and health
  • Effective against many cancers too (allows your body to see them and remove them)
  • Makes your body highly alkaline (Disease can’t live in alkaline)

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For a complete list of holistic cancer treatments that actually work, visit Cancer Herbs and for Natural Anti-Virals visit Natural Immunity