Zeolite Capsules



Zeolite Capsules

Zeolite Capsules are an easy way to detox the toxins and heavy metals that are stored in your body's cells, particularly the fat cells that are in your brain, organs, tissues and interfere with your immune system. Destroxin® will quickly remove the toxins (microbials, mold, and even viruses) plus heavy metals, including radioactive particles from your body. It does this by using Natural Zeolite Powder in Capsule form (Destroxin Zeolite Capsules.)


This unique formula is proven to trap the harmful toxins, heavy metals and radiation and then release them from your body. It naturally boosts your immune system and restores lost energy and vitality. This amazing zeolite mineral has been shown to balance the body’s pH (parts of hydrogen, a measure of the acid/alkaline balance in the body). As we get older our bodies begin to become more acidic, which allows disease to take up a stronghold in our bodies.


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How to Remove Toxins From Body

How to Remove Toxins From Body systems safely? Those people who choose to eat non-organic foods are even more flooded with the toxins, heavy metals and chemicals (pesticides and chemical fertilizers) that make your body highly acidic and a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. It can be used as a natural preventative to flu vaccines and other viral outbreaks like the Novel Corona Virus that is affecting a lot of people worldwide now. Use it as a preventative and Natural Treatment for Coronavirus.


A good solution is to choose organic or wild-crafted foods. Drinking ionized water, eating alkaline forming foods (lemon and citrus fruits) and taking alkaline supplements (most ionic minerals, particularly zeolite capsules) will release the acidity and bring our bodies back to a healthy alkaline state.


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How to Remove Radiation from the Body

How to Remove Radiation from the body? Destroxin, with zeolites can remove radiation poisoning (radioactive particles are heavy metals) as well as detox our bodies of disease and cancer causing agents. It does this by including natural powdered zeolite into it's formula. This is the Zeolite molecule that is proven to be effective in all of the scientific studies, as well as in real life radiation spills like Fukushima and Chernobyl. It is a powerful detox supplement that can help your body recover very quickly from many illnesses.


The natural powdered zeolite in our Destroxin formula is in easy to swallow capsules. If you want the most economical form, you can get the zeolite pure powder instead (bulk pure zeolite powder.) 


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Destroxin Zeolite Capsules Testimonials

Read the following Destroxin Zeolite Capsules Testimonials to see why Destroxin with Zeolite is the best natural Zeolite Capsules you can get. For complete reviews visit: Zeolite Testimonials.

I have been using your product in capsule form with very promising results. I am being treated for heavy-metal toxicity, and during the last 3 months I stopped other adjunct therapies (like EDTA and DMPS IVs, and Chlorella) in order to give your product a more reliable and valid test. A recent provoked urine test (Doctor's Data lab test) showed a 50% decrease in Hg.

N. Fedan, Ph.D.


I have been using this for about 7 weeks, and I have never felt better in my life. I am 48 and I feel better than I did at 20. Thank you so much for this product.

Donna Mattingly


My friend Sue called me on Sunday and wanted me to tell you how wonderful she is feeling since taking your product Destroxin. She said that she can smell things and taste things and everything is so wonderful that she just had to let you know how much she appreciates getting her life back.

Janet Perdock

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To get more information or see current prices. Destroxin zeolite capsules reviews and availability just click on the Destroxin Bottle image below or visit: Destroxin.


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Destroxin Benefits

  • Quickly Boosts Immune System
  • Shields you from EMF radiation (cell phone, wireless, smart meters)
  • Shuts-off Viruses (HIV, HPV, H1N1, Ebola, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and many others)
  • Detoxes heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc) & toxins and revitalizes the body
  • Effectively stops cancers food source too
  • Makes your whole body alkaline (pathogens can’t live in a balanced PH environment)


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