Zeolite and Aluminum

Volcano Erupts creating zeolites

Zeolite and Aluminum

Zeolite is actually an aluminosilicate. Aluminum occurs naturally in our bodies, and in zeolite crystals that are micronied into powder. As with everything else we put in our bodies, the source and form of aluminum makes a big difference in how our bodies use it. As with most all metals in our environment, you actually need small amounts of aluminum to keep your body’s systems working properly. Same for the other common minerals found in your spring water and foods like nickel for your heart, iron for your blood, copper for your nerves, and so on.


Zeolites are solids with an open three dimensional crystal structure (perfect symmetrical honeycomb structure) made from volcanic lava and ash minerals (aluminum, silicon, oxygen, sodium, postasium and magnesium) and are highly alkaline as a molecule. They have very large open pores or cavities that draw positively charged molecules (toxins) in their structure where they become trapped. The molecular structure of zeolite, especially the high negative charge of the aluminum silica particle, makes it impossible for the aluminum to leach into our systems. Instead, the aluminum leaves our bodies the old-fashioned way—along with the positively-charged toxins and impurities that the zeolite structure (charged honeycomb) has bonded to.

At a chemical level, much of zeolites’s healing benefit depends on aluminum. It is thoroughly tested after micronization or at end product to make sure it contains no free particle aluminum or metals. This is for the natural zeolite only, as there are synthetic zeolites where this type of micronization and testing is not done. Use only zeolite pure powder (clinoptilolite) for medicinal purposes. Hair analysis also shows that it does rid the body of heavy metals, adding none to the body. That's why it works, if it didn't it would have the opposite effect. To see the type of micronized pure zeolite powder you should be using for health purposes visit: Zeolite Powder.

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